How to Recognize a Fake

How to spot and report a fake Mild2Wild

Unfortunately, there are a few companies that aren’t looking to play by the typical rules and have decided to try to copy the Mild2Wild exhaust controller and pass it off to their customers as real. We have assembled this page to help you determine if you have a real Mild2Wild or if the company you purchased from is selling fakes.

  1. Checkout our authorized dealers page here, if your dealer is listed, you are fine, it’s real.
  2. If your dealer is not listed, go to our registration page, type in your number. We will reply back with warranty information. If it’s a fake, we’ll let you know

We are trying to help protect you, the consumer, from ending up with a fake unit that is not built to the high quality standards of the Mild2Wild and want to protect you from ending up with a fake that does not carry a lifetime warranty.